Disabled veterans organization asking for help in finding new home


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - For the last several years, the Pitt County Chapter of Disabled American Veterans have had no home. Now they are asking the community of Greenville to help change that. On the east side of Greenville, off Cemetery Road, sits a small white brick building. It's a gathering place for those who served our country. Every Tuesday and Thursday for five hours a day, you'll find the DAV offering their services in a small private space. But they only have this space for those 10 hours a week. "We are good at what we do. Our service officers are great but the time we have, the size of the facility ... it just limits our mission," said Willie Stack, Pitt County DAV Commander. Stack and his fellow veterans are asking for help finding a permanent place they can meet whenever they want, a place with private rooms where veterans can receive financial advice or counseling. Group members tell NewsChannel 12 they are talking to the mayor and city officials about a solution, but they are hoping that someone in the community may have some sort of space these veterans could use.

If anyone would like to help or like more info, you are asked to contact Lee Pascasio at

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