Deployed Marine's missing dog found


NEWPORT, Carteret County - A deployed Marine's Facebook post about her lost dog went viral -- racking up over 1,700 shares. Through those efforts, the dog has been found.

Baylie Scheurer, a Marine stationed at Cherry Point, left her beloved 12-year-old Bassett Hound with a friend. She expected her friend to take good care of the dog, but instead found out the dog went missing days after she was deployed.

"Knowing that she was lost and there was nothing i could do besides posting on Facebook and you know text my friends and you know call people, it was so hard I felt so useless it was terrible," said Scheurer, who we spoke to over the phone.

When Scheurer found out her dog, named Sammy, was missing, she had already been lost for a month. Scheurer's friends did everything they could to help her.

"I knew she needed to be found and then I realized Baylie's dog sitter wasn't even in the same state anymore, like he had went to Florida," said Tyler Vanhoose, a friend of Scheurer's. "I knew nobody was looking for her so I knew as soon as I could, I needed to go look for Sammy."

Little did they know Sammy had wandered over nine miles, making her way to Newport. Some good Samaritans found her emaciated and alone in the middle of a road. They took her in and cleaned her up.

Once their friend Janet Willis, who had just lost her own Basset Hound to cancer, heard about the dog, she asked to keep it. With Willis, Sammy quickly put on weight and became healthy again. But after five weeks, someone showed Willis the Facebook post and she knew she had to call Scheurer right away.

"I cried as many tears when talking to Bailey for her happiness as much as I did just knowing Sammy would be going to a different home eventually," said Willis.

Scheurer is so happy that her dog is safe and well cared for, she asked Willis to keep her until she finishes her deployment.

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