Crystal Coast community fundraiser launches new initiative


ATLANTIC BEACH, Carteret County - First Coast Realty will be launching a fundraising initiative to raise funds for beach wheelchairs.

Below is the press release on the event:


First Coast Realty sponsored community fundraising event, Dogs For A Cause, will be launching it's 2017 fundraising initiative to raise funds for beach wheelchairs. Initial funds will go towards the purchase of a PVC wheelchair with any additional funds going towards a floating chair. The kick-off event will take place Friday, May 19 in the parking area outside of the Realty World -First Coast office at 407 Atlantic Beach Causeway in Atlantic Beach and will provide a free hot dog lunch (hot dogs with all the condiments, chips & bottle of water and homemade desserts) in hopes to raise money for the purchase of beach wheelchairs for Atlantic Beach. The Goal The goal is to reach nearly $1,400 to purchase the PVC Wheelchair. In order to purchase the floating wheelchair (Waterwheels®), additional funds of nearly $1,900 would need to be raised. This would allow beach access for those who otherwise cannot access the beaches with their wheelchairs. About The PVC Chairs & Waterwheels®(Information courtesy of AccessRec of PVC Chairs: These sturdy, light weight, all terrain beach chairs allow easier access in sand and other soft soils. Our balloon flotation tires allow for extra stability and easy rolling. Our two chairs are made of durable PVC construction and non-corrosive wheels. Because it is made with a high-quality UV protected PVC frame, you can even take it right into the surf of salt water. It won't chip, peel, rust, fade or discolor. Please note this device is not floatable. Waterwheels®: Perfect for all wheelchair users and those with special needs. WaterWheels® is designed to give users the Ideal Outdoor Experience. With the floatable armrests and tires, WaterWheels® easily transports you from the beach to the water! Enjoy the ocean or pool while relaxing in your WaterWheels®!

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