Croatan High School getting modular classrooms


NEWPORT, Carteret County - Students and teachers at Croatan High School will have some extra elbow room next year thanks to five new modular classrooms.

The classrooms were unanimously approved by the Carteret County commissioners. These classrooms will help some of the school's many traveling teachers who don't have a permanent classroom and have to move around throughout the day.

"We basically try to share rooms a little bit, like I go in there first thing in the morning with another social studies teacher and they're down in another room on the other side side of the school during first period and they have a cart and then we kind of have our cart parking station in the back," said Chris Davis, a social studies teacher at Croatan.

Croatan High School Principal Kay Zimarino hopes these classrooms will help with overcrowding as well. At the moment, they have 910 students but over the next few years she thinks they will reach 950.

"We have overcrowding in all programs. Our math classrooms, we have two math classrooms which actually used to be P.E. classrooms, so our P.E. classes are now, the health portion of their classes are being taught in the auditorium lobby," said Zimarino.

Zimarino emphasized that these classrooms are only a temporary solution.

"Five modulars is not going to completely solve our overcrowding problem, it is some relief so we are very thankful for that," said Zimarino. County Commissioners did not approve the school board's request for $89,000 to furnish the classrooms. Commissioner Robin Comer says they are currently discussing a new price estimate with the board.