Craven County man dies in jail, family receives $50,000 settlement

Christopher Wetherington (Photo courtesy of Craven County Jail)

COVE CITY, Craven County - A man in Craven County jail died from a medication overdose and his family is now getting a $50,000 settlement.

Cove City resident Christopher Wetherington, 33, was being held on charges relating to the theft of a truck when he died on May 12, 2015. Autopsy results show he had lethal amounts of lithium in his blood, according to the News and Observer.

His family members are claiming that his death was due to negligence on the part of the jail staff. His stepsister, Ashley Jones, said he was disoriented in his last days -- refusing food and water and even eating his own feces.

"They pretty much let him lay in there and die," Jones, who lives near Cove City, said. "He was seen stumbling around, wouldn't keep his clothes on, eating his own feces. That's not alarming enough to seek some help?"

The settlement was reported by the News and Observer as part of a larger investigation into contracted health care services in North Carolina jails.

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