Craven Co. Commissioners don't take vote after tethering debate


NEW BERN, Craven County - Craven County Commissioners did not take a vote Wednesday on a possible tethering ordinance.

Instead, commissioners heard lots of input from residents and decided to review the comments for a future vote. "if you take care of your animals, I don't see no problem in leaving them on a chain," said Russell Brock. That was one opinion amongst many presented at Wednesday night's meeting. The ordinance would allow people to tether or tie their dogs for up to 24 hours as long as they had adequate access to food, water and shelter. Another portion of the ordinance under contention is that it's only designated for household dogs, leaving hunting dogs excluded. Community members said that is very unclear and a possible loop hole. The Craven County Health Department is part of the team that wrote the ordinance. We spoke with them earlier in the day and they said the ordinance proposal was designed based on other counties. However, some people believe there are already enough rules on tethering in the state.

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