Cove City meeting addresses growing problem of heroin epidemic


COVE CITY, Craven County - Questions, questions and more questions.

That's how a packed house at the Cove City Volunteer Fire Department was reacting to the area's approach on tackling the heroin epidemic. There to answer those questions were Craven County officials who say their No. 1 focus is working on this epidemic from the judicial all the way to the school level. At the forefront is the approach to providing help before punishment.

"I think there will be some resources that I've already become aware of that we can put into place as far as working with some of our local substance abuse mental health providers," said Scott Harrelson, Director of the Craven County Health Department. "We're going to have to come at this at a lot of different angles."

Dr. Meghan Doyle, Superintendent of Craven County Schools, said making sure students are in school is a top priority.

"One of the biggest indicators of whether a student is going to be successful is being in our classroom every day," Doyle said. "If they are not in school, they are up to no good. If they are not in school, they have the opportunity to have too much unstructured time and that doesn't really bode well for their long-term futures."

County officials said if you see any suspicious behavior in your neighborhood or within your home that you feel may be drug related, contact law enforcement immediately. The Craven County Sheriff's Office number is (252) 636-6620.

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