Couple watches in horror as kittens tossed from moving car, run over

(Photo via Facebook)

NEW BERN, Craven County - A New Bern couple is still in shock after witnessing what they say was a woman tossing kittens out of her car and then running them over.

Chistopher and Lacey Orris said Thursday they were driving down Country Club Road Wednesday afternoon when they saw a kitten tumble out from underneath a car. The couple said their first instinct was to stop and help the kitten, but when they saw a second tumble from an open window in the vehicle, they knew something was seriously wrong.

They followed the car, with Christopher Orris jumping out to approach the driver when they had stopped at a light at the intersection with US 70. He was shocked to see a young child in the passenger seat.

He says the driver said nothing and drove away.

He called 911, returning to the scene where he found two kittens dead and one badly injured.

"The police officer had already rescued it and was holding it in her arms and the poor thing was just screaming and crying in pain and bleeding and you could just tell this was probably not going to end well for this poor kitten," he said.

Craven County Animal Control has not released any information on the state of the surviving kitten.

New Bern Police took the Orrises to a house later Wednesday where he identified the woman who was driving the car. New Bern Police has not responded to inquiries from NewsChannel 12 as to whether the woman in question has been arrested or charged as of Thursday afternoon.

Christopher Orris said he would be willing to testify against the woman and hopes she faces animal cruelty charges.

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