Controversial speaker appearing at ECU


GREENVILLE, Pitt Co. - Local Twitter feeds exploded when an East Carolina University student group, Turning Point USA, announced who would be speaking at their spring event. The speaker is Tomi Lahren, a controversial talk show host who has gained popularity for being very vocal about her beliefs.

The university is co-sponsoring the event with Turning Point and the Student Government. All groups have emphasized that they are not advocates of Lahren's beliefs, but believe in inclusion of thought and opinion.

Students at the university took to Twitter to voice their complaints.

"Bringing a hateful person like that to a campus is going to create more conflict and I don't think we need that right now," ECU student Morgan Cox said.

Turning Point USA president Gio Triana said the event is supposed to encourage freedom of speech, and while he is surprised by the backlash, he hopes it generates a more important conversation.

"My sincere and genuine intentions were to spark a conversation about allowing those we disagree with to have a voice," Triana said.

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