Confirmed EF-1 Tornado in Lenoir County


The National Weather Service in Newport has confirmed that an EF-1 tornado occurred near Pink Hill in Lenoir County around 7:20 PM on Friday.

The tornado touched down near properties on Turner Farm Rd, stripping metal paneling off an outbuilding and partially removing the roof of another outbuilding. The tornado then lifted up and came down several times as it traveled close to 1/2 mile, with only a few smaller trees uprooted in the mostly forested portion of the path. The tornado then touched back down and caused more significant damage to a property on Snags Path Rd. At this property, a well built outbuilding had the roof torn off and scattered about the yard, with one piece landing on a power transformer pole. A smaller outbuilding also sustained damage, as the roof was partially torn back and parts of the metal awning were blown off of the structure. There were also several trees down near these buildings, with one of them snapped about midway up. The tornado then dissipated shortly after moving past the property on Snags Path Rd.


Location: Turner Farm Rd & Snags Path Rd near Pink Hill in Lenoir County

Date: September 1, 2017

Estimated time: 7:20 PM

Maximum EF-Scale Rating: EF1

Estimated Maximum Wind Speeds: 85-95 mph

Maximum Path Width: 75 yards

Path Length: 1/2 mile

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