Community members show support for teacher who was catfished


JACKSONVILLE, Onslow County - Several members of the community in Onslow County spoke up for a teacher who police said was catfished by students.

Police said the students obtained nude photos of a Swansboro High School teacher, David Laughinghouse, online and distributed them on campus. At an Onslow County Schools board meeting Tuesday night, several spoke in support of that teacher.

Laughinghouse was suspended after reports came out that compromising photos of him were circulating among students. Hope Conn, who will graduate from Swansboro High School in June, was one of many who spoke in support of Laughinghouse at Tuesday's meeting.

"He's very heavily involved in our school and I know this is his lifelong passion and to see that possibly taken away from him, I couldn't bear it as someone who truly cares for him," Conn said.

Brian Anderson and Brittney Luckenbaugh were arrested in connection with the pictures of Laughinghouse, who thought he was texting an adult he met on a website.

Conn told NewsChannel 12 Laughinghouse's suspension has been lifted and other students said he's returned to teaching but not at Swansboro High School. School officials did not confirm that to NewsChannel 12.

A petition started by a former student has more than 4,000 signatures, all in support of the teacher.

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