Color Fun Run colors up Cherry Point


MCAS CHERRY POINT, Craven County - More than 200 runners participate in a 5k (adults) and 1-mile (kids) race that combines colorful costumes and bright explosions of colored dye.

Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point opened its doors to the race, scheduled for 10 a.m Saturday May 13. Color Runs like this are a growing event in the U.S., usually described as a fun way to let loose with family or friends.

The dyes used are made from food grade quality corn starch - non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable. According to the organizers, the Color Fun Run is a unique race that is less stressful and is an untimed running event which is focused on health, happiness and creating an experience that's more about the memories. The event emphasizes fun over competition.

A colorful celebration with refreshments marked the beginning and at the end of the race.

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