Coastal Pregnancy Center gets $100,000 check from state general assembly


WASHINGTON, Beaufort County - Beaufort County's infant mortality rate is two times higher than the state rate.

The Coastal Pregnancy Center has helped those who are pregnant in many ways, from education, counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and even prenatal vitamins -- free to clients. Now the state is helping the organization.

The state general assembly gave CPC a check for $100,000. It's money that will certainly be helpful to Susie Rollins, the executive director of the organization. She's seen hundreds of families receive pregancy tests, ultrasounds, clothes and toys to help in the transition from pregancy to being a mother.

Rollins said she was thrilled when she received the email about money.

"'Congratulations, you are going to be receiving a special appropiation from the general assembly of North Carolina in the amount of $100,000' and I couldn't speak in full sentences for days," Rollins said. "We're very, very, very excited and we're absolutely dedicated to the fact that these funds are not here just to promote Coastal Pregancy Center to move forward, they're here for the entire community."

Rollins said the money will help expand the center to help more families and will be distributed to other organizations in the community such as Higher Heights, which works with teen moms.

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