Cliffs of sand appearing across Emerald Isle beaches


EMERALD ISLE, Carteret County - Large cliffs of sand are beginning to appear across Emerald Isle beaches.

At first glance, the large escarpments of sand in Emerald Isle are pretty jarring. NewsChannel 12 reporter Nate Belt said they are around three and a half to four feet tall.

Residents have nothing to worry about, though, according to City Manager Frank Rush. He said the cliffs are a typical phenomenon and are a result of waves pulling sand out to sea.

"It's your typical winter storm profile," Rush said. "We get a lot of storms that move up the coast and bring in some wave action that basically just adjusts the beach profile. It usually comes back in the spring and summer."

Rush evaluated the escarpments and said that Emerald Isle will continue to monitor the situation, but he has no reason to be concerned at this point.

"Thankfully no homes are threatened in any way," Rush said. "The beach is just a little bit narrower in a couple spots. I think it'll straighten itself out here over time."