City of Kinston working to help Texas flood victims


KINSTON, Lenoir County - Past experiences with Hurricane Matthew is motivating many in Kinston to rise to the occasion and help those in Texas hit hard by Hurricane Harvey.

Brandon Corey could only think of one word to describe Hurricane Matthew when it hit the Eastern North Carolina region, in particular Kinston. "Hectic ... very hectic," said Corey, who owns House of Ink in Kinston. "A lot of everything around here was blocked, no traffic, kind of locked down on the south side so there was really no entrance into the city." At the time, Brandon and his wife, Bobbie, were working at another tattoo parlor in Kinston. They said they remember the water completely around the building. Fortunately, it never went inside. "The parking lot was flooded, you couldn't even work, even if you got to it because the water was all the way to the door," Bobbie Corey said. Still, throughout Kinston are many people who have similar stories of the tragic storm they can never erase from their memory. That's why the City of Kinston is working so hard to help those in Texas. They know exactly what it's like. That's what the purpose of the Pay it Forward Meeting was about. Community and organization leaders met to discuss how the city can lend a helping hand. "Trying to connect people who just really want to give back, to have a servant's heart," Kinston Mayor BJ Murphy said about what the city is doing. "And organizations that are already connecting the dots with people and trying to make sure that we merge the Servant's Heart with organizations and their experience and how they're helping so that we as a community can help Texas as well."

Murphy said, ironically enough, when Kinston was suffering with Matthew, many people from Texas pitched in and helped through the Down East Wood Ducks team, an affiliate of the Texas Rangers. The team will host its first playoff game Wednesday, weather permitting, against Myrtle Beach at 7 p.m.

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