City of Greenville says it won't release 2016 St. Patrick's Day assault video


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - The City of Greenville announced Friday it would not release the video of an assault that happened two years ago to a black man that resulted in guilty pleas for all six individuals charged.

The March 17, 2016 assault started in downtown Greenville and carried over onto the East Carolina University campus. Christopher Hill, Theresa Lee, Mack Humbles, Mark Privette, Jesse Wilbourn, and Chase Montanye, face charges of assault inflicting serious injury in connection to the March 17, 2016 beating of Patrick Myrick that started outside Club 519 and continued onto East Carolina's campus.

The attack began when Myrick allegedly struck a woman outside the club and ended when ECU Police Sgt. Ralph Whitehurst handcuffed a beaten and bloodied Myrick. Whitehurst was later fired in connection with his actions.

In a press release from the city, officials said the video is not public record and, out of respect of the victims and his wishes, it would not be released. The city said the video was captured by a private business and "is not subject to release under N.C.G.S. § 132-1.4A regarding custodial law enforcement agency recordings. Additionally, the video is a record of criminal investigation and is not a public record, according to North Carolina law."