Churches and organizations extend a helping hand to needy


WARSAW, Duplin County - If you traveled down West Plank Road in Warsaw on Sunday, you were greeted by songs of praises, food, and of course many volunteers trying to help out those in need within the community.

"Duplin County comes together to help those in need this is proof this is proof that people care about the people in this community," said Angela Barnette, the Director of Neighbors for Neighbors Foundation and a fellow volunteer.

Whether you were short on canned goods or winter apparel volunteers from various church groups and organizations were ready to lend a helping hand.

"This is just a demonstration of what a church needs and should be doing in the streets helping their own community and various communities helping those in need," said Warren Kearney, Pastor for People of God Outreach Ministries.

Officials say this is one of many events groups within Duplin County and Eastern North Carolina hold during the year to help build and support the communities. Some of the volunteers participating in the event today were from churches and organizations in Lenoir County as well.

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