'Church in a Day' works to get structure up in time for Sunday service


RICHLANDS, Onslow County - Have you ever seen an entire building go up in just one day?

"Church in a Day" was working toward that goal in Onslow County on Friday, getting assistance from volunteers from at least 13 states. A group of dedicated workers and volunteers from the new Richlands United Pentecostal Church joined them along with volunteers from churches from Kinston and Wilmington. They were all at the build site on Huffmantown Road in Richlands.

Friday morning, there was nothing but a concrete slab. As of Friday evening, the completion of the new Richlands United Pentecostal Church was looking good.

"Oh my goodness it's so exciting," said Diana Radford. "We're really happy that you know they're building this in like one day.

It's astonishing what was accomplished in a small window of time. A big group of dedicated people were putting up framing, then walls, windows, a roof and so much more. There was electrical work, plumbing and other work that was being completed with the goal of having services in the new church this Sunday.

"This is a complete voluntary workforce," said Pastor Matthew Drake, the minister of the church. "We have three or four hundred people here that volunteered their time and came from across the country to do this."

All of this work was done to help this budding congregation get their own church building for the first time.

"We started this church three years ago," Drake said. "We were in McDonald's dining room teaching a bible study."

The road to finally getting that building was paved by hours of hard work. With the property purchased, they reached out to the Church in a Day Program, which has already built over 130 churches.

Friday, No. 131 was going up. Church members said it's surreal looking at the construction site knowing that on Sunday, they'll gather again in a completed church building.

"Our whole congregation, there's not one person that hasn't put in hours of making sure that this would happen today," said church member Rachel Bolin.

"Literally, no exaggeration, hundreds of people have stopped by and said they can't wait until our church is built. That means a lot to me," Drake said.

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