Children enjoy annual trick or treat event at hospital


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Kids who have to stay at the James & Connie Maynard Children's Hospital at Vidant Medical Center in Greenville don't have to miss out on Halloween.

Some children aren't able to be out with others trick-or-treating on Halloween. So, for almost 30 years, the hospital staff at Vidant has been bringing the holiday to its patients. Hospital staff say this event is something they always look forward to and each year, it gets bigger and bigger.

Coretta Alexander and her son, Aaron, have spent many days at the Greenville hospital. This current visit has been a short one but, then again, not all of them are short. Aaron has sickle cell and had his tonsils out Monday. So he'll be at the hospital another night.

"We were just here in March for a few days and then in July and now we're back again," Coretta Alexander said.

While Aaron won't get candy in his neighborhood this year, he'll still get to trick or treat.

Emily Perlitch is one of the organizers of the Pediatric Halloween festivities. There are 34 booths representing teams across the Vidant Medical Center that participate.

"We just really like to see the kids have a good time and it's a really fun thing for us to do and we want them to know that we're thinking about them and we care about them," said John Trolley, a radiology RN.

"The second that I sent out the email telling everyone that we were gonna start it up again this year, you get immediate responses," said Emily Perlitch, a Child Life intern.

From current movies to favorite characters like Harry Potter, hospital staff spent hours to hopefully put a smile on the faces of the young patients.

"They go through a lot in life as it is and to give them that opportunity to experience it while they're going through it too I feel like is very outstanding," Coretta Alexander said.

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