Ceremony held to retire American flags, honor veterans


CEDAR POINT, Carteret County - Some Cub Scouts in Carteret County spent Sunday evening paying last respects to American flags and honoring veterans during a special ceremony before Memorial Day.

In Cedar Point, close to 200 used and tattered American flags were being retired by the Cub Scouts. During the ceremony, each Cub Scout is partnered with a veteran from any branch of the military. The Cub Scout presents a flag to the veteran and salutes them. The veteran then gives the flag to the Cub Master to be retired into the fire. Organizers say they hope this teaches the young Cub Scouts to respect our veterans and the symbol of our nation as well. "With all the negativity we see on TV with people burning flags and people stepping on flags, we wanted something for our scouts to see that is positive about our flag and what it stands for," said David McCubbin, Cub Master for Pack 446. If you have an American flag that you would like to have properly retired, look for a special box at business around Carteret County and just drop the flag inside for next year's ceremony.

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