Cary family solves message-in-a-bottle mystery

A message in a bottle found on Atlantic Beach on Monday, July 17. (Jenny Young/Facebook)

CARY, N.C. - They found Madelyn!

There's an amazing ending to the message-in-a-bottle story that started on the North Carolina coast and ended in the Triangle.

CLICK HERE for more from WTVD A 10-year-old Cary boy found the bottle while at Atlantic Beach this week. Wyatt Young's mom told ABC11 Thursday night that they tracked down the girl who threw it into the ocean.

It turns out, the mysterious Madelyn is a 13-year-old girl who lives just a few miles from the Young family. The girl, who's name is Madelyn, put a phone number in the letter, but she got the number wrong. Once the Young family managed to decipher the number, they called her.

The Young family said Madelyn told them she threw the bottle into the ocean a few miles away from where Wyatt found it. Madelyn and her mom are going back to the beach on Friday to toss more bottles into the ocean.

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