Carteret County residents bracing for impact of Maria


BEAUFORT, Carteret County - Here in Atlantic Beach, the high waves -- while magnificent to watch from this fishing pier -- are concerning for business owners in the Crystal Coast.

Earlier in the day, businesses in Beaufort were expressing a concerned mood about what Hurricane Maria may or may not do in the area. The storm was casting a cloud over the town much of the day with gusts of winds gradually increasing in frequency. While there were still tourists and diners taking advantage of what appears to be the calm before the storm, some store owners had their sand bags ready.

"I have seen water in the streets up to the door here," said Terry Murphy at Seagrass Gift Shop in Beaufort. "This end of town tends to flood and when it pushes in it comes up through the drains."

"We are going to close the pier for the safety of our patrons at 8:30 tonight and all day tomorrow and tomorrow night then we will wait and see what we are going to do for Wednesday," said Robby Fetterolf of the Oceanana Fishing Pier in Atlantic Beach.