Bridge closing threatens local businesses


BEAUFORT, Carteret County - Beaaufort is getting a new bridge and some businesses in the area are not happy about it.

"If they move forward with this thing its going to really, really hurt us," says Susan Sanders, owner of Harbor Specialties on Front Street.

It's not the bridge itself that people are concerned about, though. It's the closing of the old bridge without an exit into town that's open.

As it stands now, the Department of Transportation wants to open the new Gallent Channel Bridge this year and close the old drawbridge. But right now, the Turner Street exit that takes people into town is closed, steering traffic away from Beaufort. This exit isn't expected to open until early 2018.

"That's going to force people way out on 101 that are going to have to double back to get to us," says Sanders. "That's going to hurt us."

The town submitted a resolution to the DOT asking for a delay in the closing of the old bridge and are waiting on a response.