Boys& Girls Club of the Coastal Plain in need of donations


WASHINGTON, Beaufort County - $88,000. That's how much Beaufort County's Boys and Girls Club sites still need to raise before the end of this year.

The organization is off to a good start in meeting that goal but still needs your help. Two local businesses -- First Citizens Bank and Pecheles Automotive -- have agreed to match 50 cents to every dollar donated. That's up to $30,000. The money will go directly to the Washington and Belhaven Boys & Girls Club sites, which serve about 125 children every day.

"They feel loved," Theresa Gilmore, Chief Development Officer of the organization, said about the children's response to the donations. "They see the response that these large corporations and foundations are having, and they know that they matter. And so that's what's truly important to us is to make these kids feel like they're valued. That's what we try to do every afternoon."

The money that needs to be raised is strictly for operational costs, which includes paying and training staff. If they can raise $60,000 and receive the matching grant for $30,000, they'll be able to close the gap by the end of the year.

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