Body scanners at New Bern airport makes screening faster, better


NEW BERN, Craven County - A state-of-the-art checkpoint screening system at the New Bern airport is proving to be faster and easier for customers as well as the employees using it.

You may have seen bigger versions at larger airports across the country. The Transportation Safety Administration rolled out a smaller version, which airports such as the one at New Bern have had recently installed.

So far, so good say passengers and employees.

"This airport is always really busy," said Barbara Pierson, who was preparing to catch a flight. "I have to go through the four-minute pat down even though I've always had pre-check on my ticket."

Pierson said she has an artificial knee, which always sets off metal detectors. With the new body scanner, it could help her get through security much faster.

"What this body scanner does is it's a millimeter wave scanning technology that scans anything up to your skin, it does not scan below the skin," said Andy Shorter, Airport Director.

The goal is to not only help people like Barbara but to speed up the check-in and boarding experience. But security is always at the forefront.

The TSA line at Coastal Carolina Regional Airport are moving faster thanks to this machine. I'll explain how tonight on @wcti12

-- Nicole Griffin (@NicoleNewsCh12) July 27, 2017

"It's a much better scanning machine that can pick up threats, current threats and maybe even whatever future emerging threats are," Shorter said.

The machine doesn't eliminate the need for pat downs all-together. That process will still be used in certain instances when the machines detects something out of the norm. It will alert the TSA agent exactly where the issue is on the passenger's body so the pat down will be quicker and less invasive.

Scanners have also been installed at the Albert J. Ellis Airport in Onslow County. A body scanner was also scheduled to be installed Thursday at the Pitt-Greenville Airport for use starting this weekend.

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