Boat sunk near Dominican Republic discovered off coast of ENC

The capsized catamaran "Leopard" was located off the coast of eastern North Carolina on Wednesday more than five months after it sunk 400 miles north of the Dominican Republic. (Photo courtesy of Sea Tow)

MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - More than five months after it sank nearly 400 miles north of the Dominican Republic, the 57-foot catamaran "Leopard" was discovered off the coast of Eastern North Carolina near Morehead City on Wednesday.

Water service company Sea Tow was called on to bring in the capsized boat into dock by Thursday evening. The boat was located about 25 miles off the coast at around 6:30 a.m. The process began Wednesday afternoon but was halted then due to strong winds.

A crane at the state port will eventually be used to flip it right-side up.

The three crew members who were aboard the Leopard on Nov. 21 when a freak storm caused it to capsize were all rescued in good health.

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