Black Friday shoppers find crowds lighter than last year


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - On Black Friday, shoppers usually flood the streets early to get the best deals, but that's not the case this year for one local town.

"I camped out outside this Walmart in Greenville at 5:00 a.m. trying to catch up with the Black Friday crowds, but this parking lot behind me was completely empty," one shopper said. "But as the sun came up, the crowds picked up too."

Stores like Walmart and Kohl's continued to fill up as the day went on. Black Friday is notorious for the crowds of shoppers waiting for doors to open, but it seems this year many people decided not to wake up before dawn to do their shopping.

"We didn't get out 'til about 10 a.m. thinking we would avoid the crowd and it was the total opposite," shopper Lashonda Mack said. "We ran into the crowd."

Some shoppers think that most people decided to stay home and shop online this holiday.

"Maybe a lot of people do what I do -- I online shop," Vivian Covington said. "I have four or five places -- I like to sit in my pajamas at home with my coffee and order what I want and it comes to the door."

Stores started opening for Black Friday the evening before, so many people did most of their shopping on Thanksgiving instead.

"Last night's crowd was really chaotic," Ronkeia Lewis said. "People were knocking people down -- it was a lot of commotion. Compared to now, I actually get to park and come in and I can actually look at people."

Shoppers said that crowds became increasingly hectic as the day went on. By noon, the Kohl's in Greenville had a check-out line that stretched across the entire back of the store.