Bertie County Animal Control asking for help finding homes for dogs


WINDSOR, Bertie County - Monday at noon is the deadline for many dogs at the Bertie County Humane Society.

Officials said if they don't find homes for shelter dogs, they will have to start putting them down. They are desperate for the public's help in finding homes for the dogs. Bertie County is serviced by just one animal shelter that holds 15 dogs, which means they're always at capacity. A volunteer said the situation right now is even more dire with seven dogs waiting to come in, and they need the public's help to find these dogs a home today. All week, the Bertie County Humane Society has used social media to urge people to adopt dogs. But they are running out of time. "It's a bad situation here in Bertie County. There's a lot of unwanted dogs," said Vicki Nussbaumer, full-time volunteer at the Bertie County Humane Society. The Humane Society has a partnership with the county, which has more dogs that need to be brought in. Nussbaumer said they have a great working relationship with animal control and they're gracious they were given extra time. They are hoping to soon find a way to accommodate the county's dire need for adequate shelter space. "That's all we've got," Nussbaumer said of the limited space. "And when those are full, animal control can't pick up anymore, until they euthanize some dogs or they're adopted or rescued. "They're working on it. There's plans for the future to get us a building, so we've got an inside-outside facility with heat and air conditioning." The Bertie County Humane Society said it will take calls all weekend for people interested in adopting. If you want to help, go to the group's Facebook page. It has photos and information for each dog. You can also call them at (252) 325-3647.

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