Bertie Co. homeowners finding help post Hurricane Matthew slow going


WINDSOR, Bertie County - Some homeowners in Bertie County are still waiting on federal assistance after Hurricane Matthew.

Gov. Roy Cooper spent part of the day touring the area and visiting places hit hard by the storms. Affected home and business owners are telling him that aid from FEMA is not coming fast enough. "I got flooded in Julio, which was a couple of weeks before Matthew," Duane Jones said. "But it wasn't a federal disaster and there wasn't any federal help or any assistance." It's been nearly nine months since Hurricane Matthew barreled through the Carolinas yet the federal assistance is taking more time than many had hoped. "It's been about a billion dollars in both state and fed funds expended or designated so far on hurricane recovery," Cooper said. "But the problem is that this is a $4.8 billion problem that our state faces and it is one that other states are facing as well, Louisiana Florida are all looking for additional federal funding."