Bed and breakfast in Bath shows appreciation to veterans


BATH, Beaufort County - Last year, a local veteran and his wife came up with a great way to show their appreciation for some of our local vets. The couple from Bath is doing it again this weekend.

Veterans from near and far will get to stay and eat free this weekend at the Inn at Bath Creek. It's something Dale and Maree Benson started doing as a small way to say thanks.

"I don't think there's enough done for us to repay what the veterans have done for us as a country," said Maree Benson. "I think that's the primary reason."

Dale Benson served 32 years in the Navy. He said it's a fun chance to meet other veterans and share war stories. The Bensons originally wanted to do something honoring veterans who lived in Bath but they eventually grabbed attention of vets from all over.

"What I would say is veterans always try to one-up each other so, embellishing stories and being creative, but having a wonderful time over breakfast," Dale Benson said. "The vets don't go around talking about 'Yo, I'm a vet,' so you have to have a little event like this to find out who they are."

One Bath veteran who will be at Saturday's breakfast said it's a great way to find out who else in the community has served. This weekend, the Bensons are expecting about 35 people for breakfast with some coming from as far away as Pennsylvania.

"It's just lovely, and a great time," said Reid Betham. "We get to meet men who served the country, the food is delicious."

While the event in Bath is completed booked, there are other bed and breakfasts around the country which will host free stays this Veterans Day. Click here to learn more.