Beulaville family struggles with company about fixing heating system


BEULAVILLE, Duplin County - A Beulaville family is dealing with the fact it may not have heat for the holiday season. They said a Duplin County business is to blame.

"This is the space heater and what we do we turn it on high, we stick it facing the back of the house and we stick a fan behind to try to push the air to the back of the house," said Christopher Lance.

That's the technique Christopher Lance and his family are forced to used in order to stay warm.

"The temperature last night was 29 degrees, somewhere between 29 and 31 degrees. So you can only imagine how cold It got here during the middle of the night," Lance said.

Lance said his central heating system went down over the summer. It wasn't a big deal at the time but with the temperatures falling, he said he decided on Nov. 7 to seek help through NC Mechanical in Beulaville.

"We gave them $5,500 up front and he told us that that Friday he would come out here and install It," Lance said.

Lance said after a money exchange, a trend started where the owner of NC Mechanical kept rescheduling the repair date. He read us several text messages he had with the owner.

"He should 'be out of the doctors at three so It should be 3:30 when he gets to my house. OK I'll let her know, thank you. I just got a call, said the doctor told him not to come' so then he never showed up. It's always some excuse with this company."

Lance was texting back and forth with the owner during an interview for this story. When we tried to call the owner on his cell phone, he didn't answer. Lance said he's fed up with the games and is now asking for his money back since he has no money to hire another service.

"I go ''I want my money, I know it didn't cost $5,500, give us at least some of it so we can get this going this week before Thanksgiving because we have company coming over' and he said 'sorry we can't do that'," Lance said.

The owner of NC Mechanical did eventually contact us and said he tried to reason with the Lance family but they were never available during the days his employees were able to come out. He said his staff has been very sick, causing the scheduling to be off. The owner also said he offered the family free service with a refund but they turned that down.

Lance said he contacted law enforcement in hopes of pressing charges on the owner in an attempt to get his money back.