Beaufort man remembers his time with the Tar Heels


BEAUFORT, Carteret County - David Daly helped manage the North Carolina men's basketball team during one of their most historic seasons, 1981-1982 when the team won the national title.

He said he remembers the last 16 seconds of the 1982 National Championship game against Georgetown as if it were yesterday.

"We broke the timeout and Coach (Dean) Smith looked at Michael (Jordan) and said "If it comes to you, knock it in," Daly said.

Of course, Jordan knocked the shoot in, landing Smith his first national title with the Tar Heels.

"We didn't realize what a legendary team that was going to become, over the years the fact that 35 years later we are still talking about it," Daly said.

Daly has built quite the trophy case from his four years with the Tar Heels. He managed the team while studying at UNC from 1979 to 1982. He even has Smith's whistle that was used during the '82 championship game.

"Doesn't matter when you went to school there, doesn't matter weather you are Michael Jordan or a student manager, you are a letterman you are a part of the Carolina family and that is something special," he said.

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