Bears getting a little too close for comfort in Beaufort

A bear was spotted here along the 400 block of Pine Street in Beaufort by residents on Monday and Wednesday afternoon. (Merrilee Moore/NewsChannel 12)

BEAUFORT, Carteret County - A bear has been spotted in the town by Beaufort residents on two different days this week, and police are urging residents in the area to take common sense precautions.

First, do not approach the bear. It is illegal to trap or kill a bear - authorities say calling 911 when a bear is spotted is the proper course of action.

Residents on the 400 block of Pine Street in the heart of town spotted a bear on both Monday and Wednesday this week, though one man says he wasn't all that surprised to see it.

"It's probably gonna happen because they're building, they've been doing a lot of building on this new bridge and this stuff and it's taking them from their environment," resident Rodney Oden said.

Oden's sisters were the first to notice the bear near their house on Monday, though it isn't the first bear sightings in the area. There were several, police say, just a few weeks back.

Oden says on Wednesday he saw the bear attempting to get into a nearby house.

As a course of safety, Beaufort Police Chief Paul Burdette said there are simple steps to take to decrease the risk of attracting a bear.

"Keep an eye on your children and your pets, you know, when you're out, which is a good rule of thumb anyway," Burdette said. "Be mindful of trash that you're putting out and when you put it out."

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