Bath Hosts Pirates at the Port


BATH, Beaufort County - Many cities along the North Carolina coast are proud of their pirate history, including the town of Bath.

In fact, Bath's most iconic resident was the most legendary pirate of all, Blackbeard.

The infamous and fearsome pirate was killed 299 years ago in Ocracoke at the hands of the British. To gear up for next year's 300th anniversary, Bath had a celebration of pirate history.

The reenactment group, The Devilmen of Cape Fear, performed tasks pirates took part in daily, including tarring rope and making hammocks. They portray pirates in a historically accurate fashion, unlike what you see in movies. Their real life wasn't as glamorous as it seems.

"Even though there was all this glory and money attached to it, the crew was running a business," says Chris Umfleet, the site manager for the Historical Bath State Site.

Next summer, Bath is set to host pirate experts from around the state in honor of the anniversary of Blackbeard's death.

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