AT&T outage repaired after local 911 service interruption


WASHINGTON, Beaufort County - AT&T Mobility experienced a service outage that impacted the ability to deliver AT&T Mobility wireless 911 calls in parts of Eastern North Carolina late Wednesday night, according to The Director of Communications and 911 Services for Beaufort County, Victor Williams.

AT&T teams were engaged and working to resolve the issue Wednesday, shortly after it was reported by authorities at 10 p.m.

Officials sent out a message to media outlets that read: "Due to this service outage, you may experience interruptions in you ability to call 911. This issue will cause the phone to ring with no answer by 911 staff. Beaufort County Sheriff Office 911 Director recommends if you experience this issue to call Beaufort County Sheriff Office at 252-946-0101 to report emergency's."

Roughly one hour later, Williams sent an alert to the media, "The issue has been resolved with AT&T. There is no need for any additional public notification."

The outage lasted for roughly 40 minutes.

The outage affected customers across the country. According to CNN, the FCC was investigating.

We're working to find out if the outages affected any emergency-related events in the area.

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