Another raccoon tests positive for rabbies in Carteret Co.


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - A second raccoon in the Cape Carteret area has been reported as having rabies after it was acting suspicious, was killed and sent for testing.

Carteret County Animal Control Services said someone saw a raccoon acting strange near the VFW Road area of Cape Carteret. After a call was placed to 9-1-1, a Carteret County Sheriff's Office deputy came and eventually killed the raccoon. It was collected by Carteret County Animal Control Services and sent to the State Public Health Lab for rabies testing.

Results were released Wednesday that verified the raccoon tested positive for rabies. A raccoon was also killed and tested positive for rabies in Cape Carteret in late February, Animal Control reported.

"Members of the public noticing wildlife exhibiting abnormal behavior should contact Carteret County Animal Control immediately," said David Jenkins, Carteret County Health Director. "One of the best protections against rabies for pets and family members is to make sure pets are up to date on rabies vaccination.

"Rabies vaccination is required by NC law and helps protect you and your pet from rabies."

To report wildlife displaying abnormal behavior, contact Animal Control Services at (252) 728-8585. For more information on rabies and how to prevent exposure to rabies, click here or call (252) 728-8550.

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