'Anonymous patriots' make sure stolen American flags on Hwy. 172 replaced


SNEADS FERRY, Onslow County - If you live in Sneads Ferry, you've probably seen the American flags that line Hwy. 172 several times a year.

The flags are put up on the three-mile stretch of road between Camp Lejeune and Four Corners on Memorial Day, 9/11 and Veterans Day. About 40 flags were recently stolen from the stretch of road. But, thanks to some an anonymous volunteers, the flags have been replaced. "That's one of mine," said a volunteer, who asked not to be identified. For nearly 15 years, this man lines the highway with flags. However, some have been stolen and the people responsible for the thefts are unknown. "It started out as just me for the first, oh 5-6 years," the volunteer said. "Then a couple of friends asked if they could help." When the flags are stolen, less than 24 hours later, he and other volunteers are back to replace them. "We'll put some more down here," the volunteer said. Volunteers said it's disheartening to see the flags stolen every year but it reminds them why it's so important to keep putting them back. The anonymous volunteer said he just bought 750 more flags, which he hopes will last at least five years.

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