AmeriCorps volunteers working to restore signs at Cape Lookout Seashore


CAPE LOOKOUT, Carteret County - The Cape Lookout National Seashore is getting updated signs thanks to AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers. The volunteers are taking down damaged signs and replacing them with brand new ones that are more visible.

"We actually go along the coastline and we're looking for signs that are bent out of place or a lot of times the signs themselves will be worn down by the wind and the salt," said Troy Farell, one of the volunteers.

All of the volunteers are between 19-23 years old. They have been traveling across the southeast for the last 10 months participating in service projects similar to this one.

"This program kind of served as a way to take a break from school and academics and get out and explore a little bit and certainly being here in the southeast region, I've achieved that but I'm also able to give back a little bit too," said Farell.

While it's hard work, the volunteers are providing a valuable resource for beachgoers.

"The signs are here to protect people's vehicles from getting stuck but they are also here to protect the wildlife that is trying to live here, so they don't get trampled by humans," said Katerina Barry, an AmeriCorps core member.

For more information on this AmeriCorps program, click here.