After nearly being canceled, pirates arrive in force for annual fest


BEAUFORT, Carteret County - Have a bit of thievery to do but don't want to wind up in the clink for it? Then look no further than Beaufort for the Beaufort Pirate Invasion this weekend.

The two-day festival kicked off with activities Friday evening but launches into full gear on Saturday, with fun for those of all ages.

There's tons of actors dressed as pirates and militia members filling the town this weekend.

"One thing for me is I love seeing the other pirates," said Cherie Lambeth, who plays Killdevil Cate. "This is like a family reunion for us we all know each other, we all do events together so whenever we come together it's just like a big family reunion."

Pirates from all across the high seas gather here each summer for a hearty celebration. There's sword fighting, cannon firing and even a costume contest for the little buccaneers.

"My sister won the medal last year and I took it and put in my treasure box so I wanted to win this time," said Pirate-in-training Caden King.

All this fun almost didn't happen, though, as the invasion was going to be canceled this year so organizers could focus on making next year's celebration of the 300th anniversary of Captain Blackbeard's death a blowout event. But those who have come to love this annual event just wouldn't let a year go by without it.

"We were very glad that it was taking place because this is one of our favorite events that we come to every year," Lambeth said. "It's always a big event for us and we're glad to be able to come back and do it again."

More information, including a full schedule of events, is available online.

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