Advisory board threatens to revoke charter for Bertie Co. school

(Google Maps photo)

WINDSOR, Bertie County - The state's charter school advisory board is threatening to revoke the charter for a Bertie County School.

According to Education NC, a recent meeting by the advisory board took on matters concerning the Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy in Windsor. The school representatives were questioned but the board members were disappointed by their answers that they immediately took a vote to revoke the school's license on the spot.

That motion failed by a 6-4 vote. The board decided to allow the school to operate for one more year on the condition they fix the problems plaguing the school by December. If they don't, the school's charter would be revoked.

The school has come before the board before due to academic, financial and governance issues. Recently, a parent of a former student spoke with NewsChannel 12 about an accusation of an employee assaulting her child, something the school denies.

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