Adorable seal pup sunning on Outer Banks catches everyone's eye

(Photo from Godwin's Productions video)

DUCK, N.C. - Who wouldn't want to be this little guy.

Sunning on the beach at the Outer Banks. Not a care in the world.

Yep, count us in.

Cory Godwin with Godwin's Productions saw this cute seal pup on the beach in Duck last Saturday and filmed it (thanks to ABC affiliate WTVD for spotting this first). It's just sitting there, enjoying the sun and the warm temperatures.

We don't see seal pups around here too often. So anytime you see one, it's certainly a sight to behold. That's evident with the nearly 400,000 views on Facebook the video has gotten.

Of course, nobody got too close to the little seal. Instead, curious onlookers let the seal pup be while it enjoyed the warm temperatures we've all been enjoying over the past week (and hope to enjoy again here soon). It eventually returned to the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, no doubt after a quick little nap.

"So excited to see another little seal pup today sunning itself somewhere on the Northern beaches of the Outer Banks." Godwin wrote in post on the Godwin's Productions Facebook page.