Adorable children dress the part for annual Halloween Preschool Parade


NEW BERN, Craven County - Imagine dozens of adorable preschoolers strutting in their Halloween best costumes.

If you drove through a part of New Bern Friday morning, you may have noticed New Bern's Preschool Parade. With escorts by their sides and some admirers along the way, young children made their way through downtown New Bern in their Halloween best.

The parade, in its 17th year being held by the city, invites local preschoolers, daycare, parents and anyone looking for a way to kick off the Halloween weekend with their little ones.

"Get them out to enjoy you know different activities and getting them involved with the community," said Martina Midgett - Pre-K inclusion teacher at Bridgeton Elementary.

With some waves, smiles and ... of course, candy ... along the way, the parade eventually ended at Union Point Park for music, food and activities. Amanda Fahey recently moved to the area and sid she couldn't ask for a better way to kick off the season with her son.

"On my drive here I was just really thankful for this town and living in a small community that would offer something like this," Fahey said. "I've lived in other places that never had anything quite like this before."