A local elementary school needs help restocking its student library

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PLYMOUTH, Washington County - One local school needs help restocking their students' library -- and you can help.

"I'm pretty good at reading," Abby Shelton, a student at Pines Elementary School, said. "I got hundreds on all kinds of chapter books."

As much as Abby Shelton loves to read, she's been having trouble because the books she's been bringing home from school are basically falling apart.

"She was bringing books home to read for homework and a lot of them were having to be taped up, some of the pages were ripped or parts of the pages missing," Jennifer, Abby's mother, said.

Abby overheard her mother saying her school is in need of some new books, so she had an idea.

"She went to the principals office the next day and talked to the principal and her teacher helped the first graders in her class make posters to put up posters for their Christmas program," Jennifer said.

Abby's class made boxes for people to donate books, but the school has only received a few.

It's why she wants the community to pitch in -- donating books in good condition or sending in money for new ones. Abby said she plans on making sure the new books get proper treatment.

"When we borrow those books, it's our responsibility to take care of them," Abby said.

If you would like to donate books or money to help buy students new books, you can drop them off at Pines Elementary School in Plymouth.

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