31st Annual North Carolina Seafood Festival comes to a close


MOREHEAD CITY, Carteret County - Many people come to the seafood festival to eat seafood, but organizers tell say they hope this event serves as a learning opportunity.

"We're one of the biggest representations of the commercial fishermen and actually we really want to get that word out that we have to support them," said Stephanie McIntyre, Executive Director for the NC Seafood Festival.

There is something for everyone at the festival, from rides to games to vendors, and of course, the food. But event organizers hope people leave with more than just a full belly.

"We have to make sure you understand before you leave how it all works and where you get that seafood from," said McIntyre.

Chef Sarah Willis does just that. She uses all local seafood and demonstrates many diffrent recipes you can make in your own kitchen.

"My recipes are easy to cook so basically anyone could follow along. even the worst cook could make the dishes I'm making today," said Sarah Willis, Seaside Sensations Catering Service Owner.

Other vendors say they've come back year after year and don't plant to stop, as business this year was booming. "We love this festival because there's a lot of dog loving people plus we love the seafood here. we live in the mountains in North Carolina and don't get a lot of seafood there," said Sherry Kobilis, vendor.

Even the the 31st annual Seafood festivalis over, organizers say year 32 is well in the works.