10-year-old finds message in a bottle at Atlantic Beach

A message in a bottle found on Atlantic Beach on Monday, July 17. (Jenny Young/Facebook)

ATLANTIC BEACH, Carteret County (WTVD) - An unusual find by 10-year-old Wyatt Young has the internet searching for a mysterious woman named Madelyn.

On his most recent visit to the North Carolina coast, Wyatt found a message in a bottle along the shore.

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Wyatt was with his family at Atlantic Beach when he spotted the bottle washed up on shore.

Inside of the bottle was a note from Madelyn.

It read:

"Hi, I'm Madelyn, I'm sending this letter from the coast of North Carolina, USA. I would be very happy to hear back from you. Please call or text (number) if you receive this."

Wyatt, who lives in Cary, was excited, but when he called the Raleigh number his mom, Jenny, said they reached a man who said he's had the number for five years and didn't know a Madelyn.

The family said they were shocked to learn just how long the message had been out there waiting to be found.

Now, Wyatt is hoping to connect with Madelyn to let her know he found her message in a bottle.

His mom posted about the find on her Facebook page, trying to get the attention of Madelyn.

Her post was shared more than 1,500 times in 24 hours.

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