Former police, correctional officers sentenced for roles in drug ring


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Fourteen of the 15 individuals - mostly former police and correctional officers - were sentenced on Thursday for their roles in a large-scale drug trafficking ring, the US Department of Justice said.

Eight current and former law enforcement officers, four correctional officers and two others were sentenced as part of plea deals to a variety of charges, including conspiracy to distribute illegal narcotics, firearm charges and bribery charges. The individuals used their affiliation with law enforcement to make money by protecting shipments of purported narcotics and narcotics proceeds.

The 15th individual in the case, former Windsor Police officer Antonio Tillmon, fought the charges against him, but was convicted by a jury of drug, firearm and bribery charges last month. His sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 8.

Senior United States District Court Judge Malcolm J. Howard sentenced the following 14 defendants: Lann Tjuan Clanton, 38, of Garysburg, NC was sentenced to 195 months; Ikeisha Jacobs, 33, of Rich Square, NC, was sentenced to 120 months; Jason Boone, 31 of Henrico, NC, was sentenced to 96 months; Wardie Vincent Jr., 37, of Henrico, NC, was sentenced to 72 months; Adrienne Moody, 38 of Roanoke Rapids, NC was sentenced to 87 months; Cory Jackson, 45, of Garysburg, NC, was sentenced to 87 months; Jimmy Pair Jr., 50, of Pleasant Hill, NC, was sentenced to 87 months; Curtis Boone, 37, of Gaston, NC, was sentenced to 87 months; Thomas Jefferson Allen, 39 , of Roanoke Rapids, NC, was sentenced to 87 months; Alaina Sue-Kam-Ling, 27, of Charlotte, NC, was sentenced to 38 months; Kavon Phillips, 26, of Rich Square, NC, was sentenced to 57 months; Alphonso Ponton, 44, of Weldon, NC, was sentenced to 48 months; Crystal Pierce, 32, of Roanoke Rapids, NC, was sentenced to 6 months; and Tohsa Dailey, 37, of Garysburg, NC, was sentenced to 24 months.

According to factual statements made in connection with the defendants' guilty pleas, at the time of the crimes charged, Jacobs, Jason Boone, Pair Jr., Curtis Boone and Allen were Deputy Sheriffs at the Northampton County Sheriff's Office; Clanton, Vincent Jr. and Jackson were former law enforcement officers; Moody, Sue-Kam-Ling, Phillips and Ponton were correctional officers; and Dailey was a 911 dispatch operator for Northampton County.

"They vowed to protect and serve, but instead these law enforcement officers sold their badges to line their own pockets. Public corruption is the number one criminal priority of the FBI and we will work aggressively to protect the public trust," said John Strong, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI in North Carolina.

The charges stemmed from a large-scale undercover investigation into allegations of systemic law enforcement corruption in Northampton County. Admissions made in connection with the defendants' guilty pleas revealed that during the course of the undercover investigation, the defendants aided in transporting purported illegal narcotics and illegal narcotics proceeds through North Carolina and elsewhere in exchange for thousands of dollars of payments.

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