Southwest country singer Walsh shares her soul with sophomore release

Laura Walsh (Publicity Photo)

It's her first new music release in more than five years, which in the music world, is a lifetime.

But for contemporary country music aficionados, it's worth the wait.

Arizona-based singer/songwriter Laura Walsh is releasing an EP on Saturday, a four-track effort that follows up on her 2011 debut album, Take Your Time.

Walsh, who was just 19 when that album came out and had traveled back and forth to Nashville to do the recording, said her latest music shows just how much she's grown as a person and an artist.

"It's time," she said, noting that trying out for American Idol in 2016 pushed back the EP release to this year. "I have a new look and a new sound and I want to get it out there. Now I'm learning how to bend and break the rules in country music."

Walsh, whose first album had a bit more of an early Taylor Swift vibe to it, has definitely evolved as an artist, with much more of an alternative and classic rock vibe to it. Given her love for The 1975 and her work with Alice Cooper - she won his Christmas Pudding competition in 2014 and produced a soulful cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" as a result - it should come as no shock that Walsh's lyrics reflect a much more world-wise individual.

They are not lacking in their depth or heart, however, as her favorite song on the EP, "Don't Let Go," gives listeners an insight into her own battles with self-doubt and depression.

"it was inspired by a close friend who encouraged me to write (songs) for me," Walsh said. "It's also inspired from the story in the Bible of Moses. He was very doubtful ... and I connect with his insecurities.

"The song reminds me to keep going and hold on to those dreams. If you waste your life not chasing the things that are in your heart ... then I don't know, I feel it's a waste of a life."

She says it's just a "taste of what's to come," with more music already in the works for a second EP release - she hopes for later this year.

She's rolling out her new EP at a Lemonade Days festival in a suburb of Phoenix, but is set to play again in Nashville next month during CMA Fest. Along with the EP, Walsh released her new music video for one of the other songs on the EP, "Whiskey's Talking."

It's all a part of proving industry insiders wrong - those that told her at 17 that she had to pigeonhole herself into one particular style and sound if she wanted to see success.

"For me, as a consumer, I love variety - especially having different things from the same artist."

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