New bill could allow concealed carry firearms on campus


GREENVILLE, Pitt County - There are mixed feelings surrounding House Bill 251, which would allow concealed carry permit holders to carry their guns on both ECU and Pitt Community College campuses.

The majority of students we spoke to said it's anyone's second amendment right to carry a gun. Those students did not think it was a problem since the permit holder would have follow protocol to obtain their permit. But many did say there should be regulations as to where on campus people could carry a gun. "Like in dorms theres no need for that I mean there is enough security and authority to take care of that but carrying around campus I don't have a problem with that," said one ECU student.

As for the university's response to this bill, administrators say it's too early to tell the impact. But they released a statement from Bill Koch, the Vice Chancellor for Environmental Health and Campus Safety. He said if there was an incident he would prefer highly trained law enforcement officers responding without the confusion of distinguishing between a suspect or a lawful gun owner.

The bill was filed earlier this month with eleven legislative sponsors. So far it passed the first reading and is headed to committees.

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