Former NAACP president speaks in Greenville

Rev. William Barber

GREENVILLE, Pitt County - Former NAACP president Rev. William Barber was in Greenville Thursday to speak with East Carolina University students as part of a unique campaign.

Barber said it was no coincidence he was at ECU as his message he's been delivering from state to state is geared toward the younger crowd.

Race, poverty and politics are just three of the many topics Barber covered in the speaking engagement. He said his goal was to get the youth active and involved in what's happening in society.

"Every social moral movement that has transformed the country young people were involved in so I'm here to say to young people you can't just go to school get a degree go to work and forget the society around you," Barber said.

Thursday's lecture was part of an annual event held at ECU featuring guest speakers to delivered messages geared towards religious studies.

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