Trump talks about policy during rally in Greenville


GREENVILLE/Pitt County - Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump made his fourth trip to North Carolina in the last month on Tuesday.

A crowd of roughly 2,000 supporters inside and several peaceful protestors outside, saw Trump, his daughter and trusted advisor Rudy Guiliani at the Greenville Convention Center.

Trump got straight to a list of several things he hopes to do right away, if elected. "The change will begin my first day in office. Number one--we're going to eliminate every unconstitutional executive order and restore the rule of law to our land," he said.

Trump also vowed "to ask congress to send me a bill to repeal and replace finally Obamacare--it's a disaster."

Trump also said he would suspend the Syrian refugee settlement program and give his top military leaders 30 days to establish a plan to defeat ISIS. He also noted that 88 top retired military generals and admirals endorsed him earlier in the day Tuesday. He said Democratic Party policy has failed minority voters and asked them to "just give Donald Trump a chance." Trump offered a quote on love from the Bible and noted that the latest CNN poll, out 2 days ago, gives him a 2 point lead over Hillary Clinton.